Staff down time can be a great time for getting up-to-date

If you have staff on a Job Keeper payment then why not get them to spend time at home or at work, going through the policies and procedures and getting them up to date. Staff can also do online training in essentials like Work Health and Safety, Infection Control or Discrimination.
Let's meet over the internet on Zoom and look at Smartdentist. Restart your practice with a catch up on the things you never had time for. Dentists can also do online CPD.

Why accreditation is easier with Smartdentist?

All your information is in the one place

No longer a 'hide and seek' exercise for staff or owners.
Re-assign roles in your practice without losing information.

Choice of accreditation agency

Shop around for the best price for accreditation and Smartdentist will help you through the process. Check out the current prices for QIP and HDAA. Smartdentist is happy to give you advice BEFORE you sign up for accreditation.

Save paper with the online solution

Audit on your ipad or iphone and email policies to staff, don't print them.

  No more excel spread sheets!

Risk register; Incident reporting; Environment Cleaning Schedule; Training Register are all online. Examples make it easy to understand and fulfil requirements.

Progress Report - live

Understand exactly where your practice is in the accrediation process. Smartdentist has an evidence collection page drawing each required document into the one page. Because the information is online, we can easily assist you at anytime in the process and check before you submit material for accreditation.

Staff training online

Staff can complete simple training exercise online so you can comply with your accrediation obligations.

ADA members

Your ADA templates are loading in for you. We will help you streamline the policies. We help with quick examples for every register or form you need to pass accreditation.

Non-ADA members

Template Policies available with the minimum work required on your behalf. Non-ADA Medibank Private Dentists should check out HDAA to see the pricing structure.

From dentists just like you!


I can't believe how quick the process was!
Jess 2019

"Hello Glenda,
Thanks for walking me through this. I tried and was just getting more confused. Kind regards,
Jeff 2019

"Hi Glenda,
I feel "Smart" when I use Smartdentist. I tell all my dental friends. [perhaps not my competitors :) ]
George 24 Jan 2019