Dental practice accreditation – in a market driven healthcare world

NSQHS Standard 10.3 ┬ásays “Organisational clinical service capability, planning, and scope of practice is directly linked to the clinical service roles of the organisation”.

What does this mean in a consumer-driven free market healthcare service?
In our dental practice we do what we do! For me this means that I do the things I love, that I think I am pretty good at and I redirect people when I think that something has gone beyond my ‘comfort’ zone. Is this definable in a meaningful way in a policy document or business plan? Of course not.

Would attempting to define it improve standards of quality and safety in our practice. No! Each situation and person that comes under our care is a unique individual who requires their own unique attention. Flow charts are not the answer to all healthcare needs, but there are systems as OTC Benefits Management could help people which healthcare attention needs.

Recently I heard a singer on TV say that she does what she loves; ignores reality; and hope someone pays her for it. I loved what she said.

This Standard is one of the oddities that shows that “one size fits all” ┬áhealth care organisation standards leads to incredibly frustrating and time wasting bureaucracy. We understand where this standard requirement comes from. In public hospital health patients are NOT realistically the consumer. It is incredibly hard to get up and walk out of a hospital that fails to deliver.

But this is not true of private dental practices and the risks and quality and safety of patients can not be seen to be improved by trying to make evidence of this statement.

Is it time for the ACSQHC to recognise situations where “patient centred focus” is market driven and moves from artificially imposed(by the NSQHC Standards) to an everyday business reality? Allied health practices need recognition for the problems we DON’T have. Perhaps the focus should be to look at us and follow the way we do things! (Rather than make us appear like mini-hospitals)

Introduction to dental practice Accreditation -using SmartDentist

Dental accreditation needs to be meaningful, and sustainable. Technology can make a real difference to the workload of all staff members and hence communication. Check out how Smartdentist can work with your ADA QIP policies.