No life

Did you know that AHPRA was reviewing its advertising guidelines AGAIN?
Did you know if people find out they are eligible for CDBS later they can ask you to alter their account so they can claim?

Why don’t you know these things? Have you been too busy actually trying to work???

In this information “heavy” world how can we be expected to keep up with everything that is going on.

Both AHPRA and the Medicare regulators have our email addresses. It would be great if they let us know and we didn’t have to chase the information. It makes me realise how much we depend on the ADA to chase up and let us know about these things. The information needs to be short; to the point and not too frequent to make us trash it as junk mail.
I found out about AHPRA via twitter and about the Medicare changes because I sourced the original information to set up my own practice system on 1st Jan. (Some people think I read tooooo much and have ‘no life’ 🙂
Where do you source information?