Staff training goals and accreditation

Set your staff training goals or your own goals now on SmartDentist. Especially handy for those practices doing ADA QIP accreditation against the ACSQHC National Healthcare Standards.
In the very first ADA|QIP policy on governance, practices are asked to commit to staff training, including accreditation training. Now dental practices have an easy way of managing staff training.


SmartDentist lets you set your staff the goal of completing training that you select from the range SmartDentist offers. You can allocate training as part of New Staff induction and set a time line for completion. Staff can also set their own training goals using this resource.


Staff are able to track their own progress with reminders on their home page of SmartDentist.



And the Practice Administrator gets to keep track with a time-line for all practice training on the Administrators home page.



iphone friendly and New staff induction friendly!


Author: Glenda Farmer

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