Sometimes bad things happen to good dental practices

SWAM-Month-Year-StackedIt doesn’t matter how well you work together or how smart or how skilled we are…sometimes bad things happen in the delivery of our health care to patients.

As part of Safe Work Australia Month we are recommending staff and dental teams look at two of our CPD/training exercises:

  1. Endodontic accidents with sodium hypochlorite No.53*
  2. Team Talk: Using TCA (TrichloroAcetic Acid) or gs-85 in the dental clinic No. 46

Being prepared for the unexpected is part of quality and safety.

If you aren’t a SmartDentist subscriber yet we encourage you to read the following articles on sparkhealthmd and set up your own staff training.

SmartDentist: Safety and Quality dental practices.
* A recent CRA study reported that 28% of dentists surveyed had reported having a sodium hypochlorite accident.

NOTE: SmartDentist subscribers have a simple system to email staff about new training with automatic recording of staff activities. Dental practitioners with Dental Board of Australia CPD commitments can also use this training.

Author: Glenda Farmer

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