SEO and dentists

Every day I get at least one email suggesting that a kind friendly SEO specialist has found my practice web site and discovered to their horror that our web site might not be top on the google search for keywords in our industry etc etc etc.

What surprises me most about these Search Engine Optimisation specialists is:

  1. They managed to find me on Google despite my problems
  2. They don’t seem to be able to get themselves listed on Google at all!

SEO is obviously important. It is like making the most of your smile or best assets, that is why I’ve turn to professional SEO services UK, to get all the help I can get to improve not only the results on google but also to help your business drive forward to success. Dental practices need to remember, however, that what makes for a successful car sales or gadget selling web site doesn’t translate to our dental practice. Our market is largely local, is largely wanting a personal trusting relationship and is largely build on personal recommendation.

Before rushing into an online sales pitch make sure you consider your dental practice from a marketing perspective.
1. Why do your patients stay with you?
2. Why do patients come to you?
3. Who are your biggest referrers and why?
4. How would you evaluate a ROI (Return of investment) on online improvements?
5. Does your web site fit in with Dental Board Guidelines and would SEO techniques put you at risk?

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Author: Glenda Farmer

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