PPE [Week 4]

Personal Protective Equipment and your safety [Week 4]
The next policy in your infection control manual is the PPE policy.
SmartDentist subscribers will find a completed Personal Protection Equipment Policy on SmartDentist.
Personal Protective equipment consists of the following:

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Eyewear
  • Protective Clothing
  • Footwear

There is nothing very exciting about this!
The important aspects are:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment is the LEAST effective way of dealing with a danger. For dental staff immunisation is far more effective in preventing damage to self and others!
  2. Be mindful that you are not transfering bugs from one person to another via your PPE.
  3. Dental Gloves ARE NOT, NEVER EVER going to protect you from our sharp instruments. You must adopt safe work practices.
  4. Dish Washer type Heavy Duty gloves for cleaning instruments are only heavy-duty by the fact that they last longer and maynot tear as easily. Tearing is not really our safety issue! Tearing is not the same as being punctured. They are NOT more resistant to puncture.
  5. Gloves can have micro-holes and contaminate your hands without you seeing a problem. Use hand hygiene before putting on gloves and after removing gloves.
    Don’t have a false sense of security when wearing gloves.


Author: Glenda Farmer

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