Get your own privacy policy online – ADAVB!

It is Privacy Awareness week 2014 and it is great that the ADAVB has taken onboard correction of some of the major problems that SmartDentist pointed out within the ADAVB Privacy manual for dental practices.

Yes, if you were using the ADAVB privacy policy it is really important you change some of the wording or you might really be in trouble!

We would be expecting that the ADAVB should have its own privacy policy online this week (in line with its own recommendations for dentists!) and it should offer an opt-out for all members who are tired of junk mail generated from the ADAVB’s mailing list. (No, we don’t need another American Express credit card!) ¬†We are pleased to see the ADA Inc has taken on a long standing suggestion from SmartDentist that they needed a formal complaints mechanism and I am sure the ADAVB will also make their complaints mechanism more transparent…which is the theme of this years PRIVACY AWARENESS WEEK!

On the wish list: Can we get the ADAVB website to have dates in Australian format instead of the USA “month/day/year” format? And the removal of the term ‘zip’ code as I think every state in Australia has a ‘postcode’.

Author: Glenda Farmer

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