Environmental Cleaning: Neutral detergents, barriers and disinfectants for dental practice

Environmental cleaning is a term used to describe how we clean up after we see a patient in the dental surgery. It also refers to how we clean in general around our dental practice. Making a decision on whether to use neutral detergents, plastic barriers or disinfectants can cause stress for dental assistants and the cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach County alike. SmartDentist’s latest online training addresses the questions and provides practices with both the legal requirements from the ADA Guidelines for infection control and the NHMRC Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare. Our training also has a link to some interesting research on the power of wiping!

I predict that if you come from Victoria (but more than 4 years since graduating) then you will love to barrier. We love to barrier! If you come from NSW it is likely that you prefer to wipe. SA -barriers; Queensland – both. I predict that your original training will dictate your preferences. No doubt you will come across arguments about what should be done at some stage.

Environmental cleaning is a large component of the review of the NHMRC document. If you wish to read about the latest developments in new antimicrobial surfaces take a look at the review papers.

If you don’t have a subscription to SmartDentist you are missing out. Both staff and dentists can do online training exercises which go towards their CPD. For those that are missing out go and check out what you are using in your practice. Read the manufacturers instructions and make sure your procedures align with what you are using at present.

Author: Glenda Farmer

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