Dental Practice Accreditation – what’s new

Even if you are not doing Dental Practice Accreditation you may like to hear about what is happening.

  1. I haven’t heard that Dental Practice Accreditation is about to become compulsory for private practitioners. This is despite some CPD courses advertising using fear and innuendo about “impeding compulsory accreditation” as a marketing suggestion. (Which is great for SmartDentist!)
  2. New fees have been released for dentists undertaking the next round of dental re-accreditation. Yes it is higher. Also on offer is a 3 hour practice inspections for an extra $1500. Technically the accreditation surveys can look and question you on any of the 108 required actions.
    If you are looking at the most cost-effective you would take the 4 year option with a 30 minute phone interview. (That makes it $379.50 per year for the accreditation logo!)
  3. Slight variations in accreditation requirements with changes from the governing body, ACSQHC. e.g. traceability and the need to monitor staff use of clinical guidelines.
    With respect to the specifics of QIP acceditation you need to supply your steriliser validation certificates which all practices should get each year. Also staff (Dental Assistants) Education and Training Register. Yes, SmartDentist has had staff training and a register for years! With SmartDentist you can even add in your own competency training for staff and set up a whole staff training calendar.
  4. For those using the ADA Policy templates the policies have been slightly modified. Instead of 10 policies they have changed the number to 6 but the missing policies are just included under the Governance policy heading. I think it will be more sensible at present to leave the policies separate. Especially in light of No.6 below but you can do either in SmartDentist.
    You might notice that the ADA/QIP has taken on-board the SmartDentist idea of a compliments and complaints register.  You will also find that the Hand Hygiene Audit has been modified so it is similar the SmartDentist original hand hygiene audit (more sensible).
    Be conscious of the wording in the ADA templated policies. Instead of using the ADA wording “ensuring our staff do …” I think that dentists might decide more sensible and safer wording would be “take steps to ensure our staff do …”.
  5. Only one ADA member needs to work at a practice for it to use the ADA templates and accreditation model. e.g. the owner doesn’t need to be an ADA member.
  6. In 2017 the Standards against which dentists will be accredited will change. If practices are using Smartdentist the change should be as seemless as possible because we will “map” the old accreditation actions to the new Standards for you!
    The new standards will lead to changes in accreditation requirements. Stay tuned.

Author: Glenda Farmer

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