Dental Board Self-Audit tool Infection Control

Dental Board of Australia has released a self-audit to help dental practitioners determine if they are meeting their infection control obligations.

While to self-audit tool isn’t totally comprehensive and they do say you may want to “delete items as appropriate to your workplace” it is a helpful reminder and check to see if you are “on track”.

SmartDentist has added the DBA word doc to our list of audits & we have filled it in with the SmartDentist resources that will help practitioners conform to requirements.

To use SmartDentist for audit recording and reminders just

  1. Go to Maintenance > Audit Schedules > Add an Audit schedule
  2. Select the Dental Board Audit and write in details about where you wish to store the results once you have completed the audit.(We will scan the results into a folder called Audits in our Oasis Practice Correspondence area)
  3. Select a start date and how frequently you wish to do it. (I picked once a year)

And you are set to go!
Luckly SmartDentist clients have policies and access to the compulsory documents so the audit will be easy.

Check out how SmartDentist helps with the self-audit here!

Author: Glenda Farmer

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