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PRODA (Provider Digital Access) for the dental practice

Now you will need a PRODA login* to claim payment immediately for Child Dental Benefits Schedule and Veteran’s Affairs. Online claiming is easy and brings enhanced cash flow to your dental practice. At our practice all our receptionists have become familiar with HPOS, checking out CDBS eligibility and claiming payments straight away from the government.
[Go to the Dept of Human Services web site now to find out more]

SmartDentist is helping dental practice get their the new PRODA system up and running.
Record your PRODA ID in your staff profile on Smartdentist AND Smartdentist  creates a PRODA ID list that can be printed or emailed so people can easily ‘delegate’ to each other. This is a great place to keep these details and as staff come and go you don’t have to try and remember where you placed your PRODA ID.

SmartDentist Staff Profile also allows you to record an additional email address.
We use this additional email address for the PRODA 2 step verification (so reception staff don’t need their mobile phones or to access their home email while working at reception). The SmartDentist Staff profile allows me to let the staff know what email address they should setup for their PRODA login.

Creating individual staff emails using your domain name (email aliases)
For those practice managers unfamiliar with creating an “email alias” you can actually have,, and all as email aliases for e.g multiple email names for the same email address.
Depending on your email system it may cost up to $7 per user per month for additional emails, but not if you are using an email alias!

*PRODA login for the HPOS on the Dept of Human Services site is not compulsory yet but the USB connections for our reception computers have been damaged by “USB stick in – USB stick out” and we want our system up and running BEFORE they close down the PKI certificates.

ADA wants feedback

The ADA is wanting feedback and they have engaged a firm to survey members.

What happens when you give feedback to an organisation?

Have you ever asked others for feedback? Before you start asking employees or customers, patients or family for feedback think about the reaction others give to your wise feedback.
A wise friend of mine advised me to always classify ‘feedback’ into ‘Coaching‘ or ‘Criticism‘. Take onboard coaching and ditch criticism.

There are great lessons to learn in watching reactions of others to feedback (because we aren’t very good in seeing this in ourselves)

  1. No-one wants to know what they don’t know they don’t know.
  2. Feedback creates ‘push back’ so what you complain about becomes more exagerated than ever. You just reinforced the action that you criticised

What feedback would I offer the ADA?
I believe the ADA is at a Cross Road.
The ADA needs to refocus and reinvent itself.
In the past the ADA was the source of information and knowledge. Knowledge gave the ADA power – both over its members and for its members. The internet has changed all that. It is faster and better and more accurate to gain knowledge from the internet. You can find the original source of information e.g. Look up the Privacy commissioner report on sending original radiographs in the mail. It is surprisingly different to the ADAVB slant in its news bulletin report.
I find the ADA’s view and way of addressing issues somewhat negative with an old fashioned “professional superiority” point of view.
For example, suggesting that dentists ensure that patient bear the consequences of deficiencies or difficulties in the new Child Dental Benefits scheme.

What is your experience as an ADA member?  Have you ever tried to give feedback to the ADA?

I don’t think there is evidence-based research to show that member surveys ever resulted in any meaningful change! 🙂

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

3.4 million children will be eligible

Are you prepared or would you like some help?

  1. Are you aware that a patient can come back to you any time after treatment and ask you to re-bill them as eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme? NO?
    READ this NEW important additional information
    As patients can make a claim later it seems very important to get things ‘right’ from the start.
  2. For my own practice I have developed and laminated:
    a) a page for the receptionists; so they can learn what they need to do in our practice with the CDBScheme.
    b) a page for receptionist to give to parents of children so they can read it in the waiting room and check out whether they are eligible.
    What have you got working in your practice?

Accreditation and your website

I also make general websites for Dental practices and I manage and update all the information. For more information and examples of my websites see I can work with your own graphic designer.
My local dentist websites include the following features to help with Accreditation standard compliance

  1. Complaint and compliments form (Standard 1.15.1)
  2. Information about the Australian Charter of healthcare rights (Standard 1.17.1 & 1.17.2)
  3. Information about infection control for patients and safety and quality in dental practice (Standard 3.19.1)
  4. Meaningful consumer information (Standard 2.7.1) – the whole of each site (all developed and update by local