Accreditation research: Qualitative must be quality

In Aug 2014 the Medical Journal of Australia published an article “Surveyor’s perceptions on the impact of accreditation on patient safety in General practice”.

A summary of the findings could be that they asked a small group of people whether they thought their job ‘made a difference’ and they said ‘yes’.

You would be very surprised to find people saying ‘no’. Why would people stay in a job where they didn’t feel valued.

Before practice accreditation was introduced a small sample of quantitative studies demonstrated problems. It would be interesting to redo those studies and see if accreditation has made a quantitative difference.

Qualititive studies that just show the truth of cognitive dissonance are disappointing. The qualitive studies that I find most helpful are the truely inspirational narrative research where examples of real people taking inititive to think of ways to solve real issues, are reported.

Author: Glenda Farmer

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