practice validation and the ADA

Have you read the ADA News Bulletin Aug 2016- Practice Validation and infection control
Glazed eyes? Confused? Yes infection control is an unromantic topic.
Here is my attempt in trying to explain what the author might have meant by “Practice validation and infection control” –

In your dental practice you need to consider what you do about infection control because it has to be:

  1. as required by law
  2. written down (computer is ok)
  3. what staff actually do

Your procedures must include the collection and saving (storing) of some physical evidence that staff have actually done what they are supposed to do in particular areas of procedures.

The topics you need to cover with written procedures may best be sourced from the list in “The ADA guidelines for infection control”. The ADA Guidelines list was the basis for SmartDentist template procedures. You can use these as for your own procedure manual (e.g. Go to the template library and press +add. Then change as required)
The Accreditation standard 3, quoted in the article as a reference source for appropriate policies and procedures, does not ONLY cover infection control but includes preventing infections – hence the confusing inclusion of antimicrobial prescribing etc. (check out SmartDentist for policies and procedures in these additional accrediation areas)

The ADA News Bulletin article goes on with detailed information specific to the validation of autoclaves (moist heat sterilisers).
[I wonder if this is because I have recently seen sales info. that says you can buy a sterliser that comes supplied with a validation certificate! That is a big no no! (except if you are in a remote area)]

For practices that think they need to conform to AS/NZ 4187 be warned that the information in this article falls well short of the requirements for validation in AS/NZ 4187 but most of us will use AS4815 as discussed in the article.

It seems a bit odd for the ADA to state in writing (for others to quote later) that it is the dentist’s responsibility that steriliser validation is properly conducted. It is a bit onerous to need to be the expert instead of the technician.
Instead here is a quick checklist for you to pick a suitable technician:

  1. Do they also service and repair sterilisers?
  2. Do they provide a validation certificate and records?
  3. Will they remind you when validation is due again?
  4. Do they require staff to supply a range of “usual packs” of instruments?
  5. Do they require biological indicators to be incubated over time so they DO NOT provide immediate certification?

Rather than push responsibility back to the dentist for being a steriliser technician the ADA could consider an “ADA approval” process for those who service and do validation on office based sterilisers.

New to SmartDentist: You can upload your validation certificate into SmartDentist.


  1. Add your Steriliser to Equipment Register
  2. Set up a Service timetable
  3. When the service is due and completed upload the validation certificate and the service timetable will re-date to the next service time.



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