Mindfulness makes pre-Christmas better

More efficiency in pre-Christmas madness

The pre-Christmas time of the year prompts us to think about the many things that we would like to do and achieve; which complicates this time-poor season of the year.
Mindfulness principles* show that efficiency is enhanced when we have some way to remove, from our immediate attention, those forward planning, distracting thoughts and ideas.
Just as smartphones, diaries and calendars help un-weight our brains, SmartDentist has the idea place to ‘store’ these great ideas for later use or consideration. (Out-of-Brain Storage!)
We have 2 forms you can use to store ideas. Try quickly jotting your ideas into SmartDentist during the work day so you can return more focused to your immediate tasks.
After Christmas look at your SmartDentist plans. They will become your practice’s Continuous Quality Improvement Plan, or you can simply delete them.

Practices who are accredited need to have a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan and this SmartDentist area prints off into the QIP format as a Quality Improvement Plan.

May you have a relaxing time with family and friends this Christmas.
kind regards
Glenda Farmer

*Mindfulness is about managing pressures and enhancing performance.
Mindfulness is now taught to university-wide at Monash University. The next free on-line course starts Feb 8 2016 (Enrol now)
#Christmas reading suggestion: The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin (Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload)

Dental Council of NSW – making dentist uncomfortable

NSW Dentists are feeling uncomfortable

“The Dental Council of NSW is conducting an audit of infection control measures in dental practices.”
So stated an offical letter to all NSW Dentists. 

Not withstanding the proviso that it only applied to NSW Dentists who have an open complaint, it is a good idea to work through the directives from Dental Council of NSW and see that you have everything in order.

One of the requirements is a completed DBA Infection Control Guideline Self-Audit. Check out how SmartDentist answers the audit. 
Some practical practice resources:

  1. DBA Infection Control Guideline Self-Audit by SmartDentist.
  2. Sterilizer (autoclave) log sheet to use for your logbook.
  3. What tests do I need for my steriliser? by SmartDentist

Disaster recovery worst practice: Don’t test your backups.
Tomorrow I go into the clinic just to meet our IT specialist and we are going to do a backup recovery of our patient management software.
Similarly the DBA self-audit does take a bit of thinking and time – but helps get rid of that uncomfortable feeling we would all have, if we were queered by the Board.

Whether you are in NSW or another state…do the self-audit and smile.
Warm wishes for Christmas
Holiday well.