Accreditation Quality Improvement plans

Quality and safety improvements are a continuous aspect of the life of a dental practice. For practices who have completed the ADA Inc. and QIP “Introduction to dental practice accreditation”, time may be near to submit a quality improvement plan.
QIP will supply you with a template for the plan but it can have many different forms.

ACSQHS requires all healthcare organisations to have an organisational quality improvement plan, the main and most important thing is to improve in your dental practice and for this you can look for Washington DC Medical Space and find the best place for your new practice.

How to make a suitable plan
When putting together your quality improvement plan, the ideal is to align your dental practice improvements with one of the actions/criteria set out in the National Health Service Standards (NSQHS). There are 104 core actions/criteria for dental practices and 48 future actions for dental practices to be working towards.

The process of aligning or mapping your practice evidence or documentation to the National Standards criteria was done for you by QIP and the ADA Inc when the practice used the QIP pro accreditation login. Because they made it so easy for practices to progress through and pass accreditation many practices are not very familiar with how the ‘mapping’ worked or what the criteria are that practices need to ‘map’ their quality improvement activities against.
By mapping your quality improvement plan outcome documentation (what you do and how you show you do it) the dental practice will be well on the way to future accreditation and moving to a process that aligns better with the context of your own individual practice.

Check out the SmartDentist youtube on the innovations we have made to help practices both form their own quality improvement plan and work towards their next accreditation.