Add any instagram photo to any text field in SmartDentist

Instagram photos into SmartDentist

So excited to find that you can actually add instagram photos into any SmartDentist editable area.!!
Take lots of pictures and be really SMART!

Just an easy cut and paste of the embed code from instagram. In the image shown I have added some text to explain the photo and then the embed code was added so we have a great pictorial version of information.
We are going to have a new staff member soon so the staff team are taking lots of photos to help them train and learn.

Infection control: Revision of AS/NZS 4187

Dental practices with a concern about infection control should be aware that AS 4187 is being revised.

AS 4187 covers processing of Medical and Surgical instruments and is relevant to dental practices, although most of us use the more friendly AS 4815 for office base health care.

It is quite possible that AS 4815 will be dropped leaving dental practice to negotiate the difficulties in this hospital standard. I sympathise with the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital where I act as a clinical supervisor.

Some of the more difficult aspect of AS 4187 will be:

  1. Validating cleaning of instruments in an objective manner rather than visual inspection (which could be objective!)
  2. Water quality testing
  3. Tracability of individual instruments to individual patients. This may mean each instrument is recorded in the patients records. That may mean over 500 instrument recordings per dentist per day.
  4. Validating and performance qualification  of wrapping, sealing and containment of instruments
  5. Collecting and documenting of all manufacturers reprocessing instructions and validating against practices procedures.

The reality is that dental practices have led the way in sterilisation of instruments and our practices are immensely safe (so safe that it is difficult to find any evidence based measures for improvements). This is because we are intimitely involved in our sterilisation processes – we do it ourselves. We talk to and know and work with the people who sterilise our instruments. Hospitals and doctors have removed themselves from these ‘grass roots’ processes so they require massive documentation to try and gain control over this critical part of your medical treatment.

Difficult decisions need to be made for this draft document.
Context is everything so hopefully the finished product will be one that allows for safety with common sense. The committee are doing a great job with a complex task!

Instagram a Smartdentist policy

Do any of your staff have an instagram account? Of course is the answer is yes!

You can now have instagram photos as part of your SmartDentist policies. Check out the new surgery cleaning policy (Add one for each of your surgery’s) and take a photo on instagram to remind everyone how things should look.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.12.12 pm

Just take an instagram photo Continue reading “Instagram a Smartdentist policy”

Get your own privacy policy online – ADAVB!

It is Privacy Awareness week 2014 and it is great that the ADAVB has taken onboard correction of some of the major problems that SmartDentist pointed out within the ADAVB Privacy manual for dental practices.

Yes, if you were using the ADAVB privacy policy it is really important you change some of the wording or you might really be in trouble!

We would be expecting that the ADAVB should have its own privacy policy online this week (in line with its own recommendations for dentists!) and it should offer an opt-out for all members who are tired of junk mail generated from the ADAVB’s mailing list. (No, we don’t need another American Express credit card!)  We are pleased to see the ADA Inc has taken on a long standing suggestion from SmartDentist that they needed a formal complaints mechanism and I am sure the ADAVB will also make their complaints mechanism more transparent…which is the theme of this years PRIVACY AWARENESS WEEK!

On the wish list: Can we get the ADAVB website to have dates in Australian format instead of the USA “month/day/year” format? And the removal of the term ‘zip’ code as I think every state in Australia has a ‘postcode’.

Privacy awareness week

Privacy Awareness Week 2014 & your dental practice

Privacy Awareness Week
Privacy Awareness Week

The theme for Privacy Awareness Week is transparency.

We have just added to our transparency by making each patient aware of the benefits of letting us email correspondence and x-rays to specialists (and back) using standard email so we get superior records by removing the need for old fashioned scanning or expensive encryption. EVERYONE of our patients has said “What a good idea”.  Of course we are sensible with what we send and have added a ‘signoff’ clause on the bottom of our referral letters so patients get to see exactly what we are sending.

We also have our Privacy policy freely available on our web site ( and our collection notice at our reception desk. Extra staff training on privacy is happening later in the month via the SmartDentist Privacy training page! (too easy)