Who trains dental assistants?

Recently there has been a call from the Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia (DHAA) to make sure current evidence based research finds its way into current practice. From my own experience with ADA advisory committees such as the Infection Control Committee I know the committee members focus on evidence based research. They also look at context; the experience of a widely divergent group of practitioners; underlying science in decision making and practical needs.

In addition the NHMRC infection control and prevention guidelines focus on risk assessment and risk management so context again has become the ‘buzz’ word like patient-centred care.

It would be a great idea to merge all the resources of training bodies, the ADA and Universities so dental assistant training transitioned into a context based learning. Context needs to be an important part of flexible dental assistant training.

SmartDentist awards for good infection control compliance

Shouldn’t good practice be rewarded?
award-infectioncontrolWe now have an award for practices to use on their own web site once they have their own infection control manual complying to National Safety and Quality Standard requirements.

We know our own personal assurance that we are involved in best practice. We want others to know as well!